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db-22 Specification

Technical data

  • Length (LOA):                                                      6.700 m
  • Beam (B.max.):                                                   2.080 m
  • Draft:                                                                       1.700 m
  • Displacement (Dpl.):                                         530 kg.
  • Keel weight:                                                           190 kg.
  • Mast (aluminium):                                            9.300 m
  • Boom (aluminium):                                          3.200 m
  • Bowsprit (aluminium):                                   2.250 m
  • Mainsail:                                                                17.5 m2
  • Jib:                                                                             10.5 m2
  • Gennaker:                                                             40.0 m2



•Hull and deck skin in 7-12 mm marine grade plywood, inside panel joining laminated with two layer of 280 gr. glass fabric.

•Bulkheads and stringers in 9-16 mm marine grade plywood, Fillet bonded to hull/deck skin using epoxy resin/density filler.

•Hull/deck outside surface treated with one layer 280 gr. and 1-2 layers of epoxy resin.

•Hull/deck inside surface treated with 1-2 layers of epoxy resin.

•Daggerboard case in 16 mm marine grade plywood, dagger board bearings, at top- and bottom of daggerboard case.

•Chain plates and structural fittings bolted to structural bulkheads.

•Bolt, screws, structural fittings and chain plates all in marine grade stainless steel.

•Hull and deck painted with two component polyurethane yacht coating.

•Cockpit sole and deck surfaces painted with two component non-skid polyurethane yacht coating.  

Keel arrangement

•Lifting T-keel

•High aspect dagger board, Composite with gelcoat finish.

•160 kg. lead ballast torpedo.

•Stainless steel safety lock down plate.

•Top to bottom stainless steel keel bolts.

•Lifting eye, for keel lifting with crane.

Rudder arrangement

•High aspect transom mounted rudder, Composite with gelcoat finish

•Aluminium / Stainless steel gudgeons.

•Aluminium tiller with adjustable tiller extension.

Deck equipment

•2 opening composite hatches of 460mm x 510 mm, one forward of mast and one aft of daggerboard case.

•Stainless steel U-bolts for shrouds and forestay.

•4 brackets for mooring/dockline attachment.

•All blocks and cleats form Ronstan.

•2 Harken no6 winches for gennaker sheets.

•2 jib T-tracks with cars and automated ratchet blocks, 2:1 jib sheet leading to cam swivel base.

•4:1 mainsheet system, automated ratchet block and centerline cam swivel base.

•2 automated ratchet blocks for gennaker sheets.

•Bowsprit launching system/tack line, exiting starboard side of mast to cam swivel base.

•8:1 vang control leading to cam swivel base at centerline, forward of keel. 

•Gennaker halyard clutch in center of cockpit.

•Gennaker retrieval line and low friction chute system.

•Aluminium toe rails with 2 x 3 padded toe straps for hiking and safety.        


•Watertight bulkhead aft of daggerboard case.

•Storage room aft of watertight bulkhead, access through aft hatch.

•Storage room forward of watertight bulkhead, access through forward hatch.

Mast & rigging

•Z-Spar Z 190 racing aluminium mast, nature anodized.

•One set of 25 deg. swept back spreaders.

•Mast foot that allows easy setting of the mast without the use of a crane.

•4-5 mm Dyform standing rigging with Bronze turnbuckles.

•Z-Spar Z-162 racing aluminium boom, nature anodized.

•4:1 outhaul, pivoting cam cleat between boom vang and mast.

•5 mm Dyneema jib and mainsail halyards.

•6 mm Dyneema gennaker halyard, tapered.

•Mainsail halyard cleat port side of mast.

•Jib halyard 4:1 fine tune system with pivoting cam cleat, aft side of mast.

•3:1 cunningham control with pivoting cam cleat, aft side of mast.

•2 x 2 trapezes (4 mm dyneema).

•Retractable aluminium bowsprit controlled from cockpit.

•8 mm mainsail sheet.

•6 mm Dyneema jib sheet.

•6 mm Dyneema gennaker sheet.


•Mainsail Cross cut  racing 6.52 oz. Contender polypreg, 5 full length battens.

•Jib I (light/medium) Cross cut racing 5.52 oz. Contender polypreg, 3 battens.

•Gennaker (all-round) Radial racing 0.75 oz. Contender Supercoat.

Buildaboat reserve the right to periodically upgrade these specifications through additions, deletions and substitutions  without notice.


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