Boat plans- and kits

for wooden

boats and dinghies



In 2014 we launched the first db-22 and over several years we have tested and evaluated the first boats in collaboration with experienced sailors.

These tests and evaluations have led to the design of the new db-22.

We've taken all the best from the previous boat and added even more.

  • same unique sailing performance

  • same simple build process

  • same light and strong construction

  • but more usability with a small cabin

You can say that db-22 now has grown up.

This boat can be built from a complete buildaboat kit, and we also sell a complete digital drawing package for this boat.

The drawing package contains everything you need to produce the parts for a building kit, locally where you live.

OK one-design

Our Ok dinghy kits are made in plywood as the this dinghy was originally intended.

Over the years, we have constantly developed the design and build method of our OK dinghy kit.

In the past year we have built and tested our "big 9.0", a new and optimized design, especially characterized by a slighly fuller bow, new deck design, better weight distribution and much more.

This dinghy is built with a completely new construction method where part of the hull is semi vacuum glued over a plug. In this way we can achieve a perfect double curved bottom shape which can otherwise only be achieved on a dinghy cast in a mould.

BIG 9.0 kits, are available in several different types of wood and individually customized kits are also possible.